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B-TEK Thermoplastic Preheaters

B-TEK thermoplastic preheaters melt, heat and mix thermoplastic material or bituminous joint sealing compound for application by the road marking machine. To ensure a continuous road marking process it is important to choose the proper size of preheater. This is done by calculating the material consumption of the road marking machine from the following factors:

• Speed of the machine in km/h,
• Marking amount per day,
• Mass of the road marking material calculated from the marking width, pattern, thickness and density of the thermoplastic material ρ ~2 kg/litre.

In general the total preheater volume must be a minimum of four times the tank capacity of the road marking machine. B-TEK provides a range of preheaters from 40 gallons to 100 gallons (182 litres to 455 litres) capacity.
The preheaters use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to heat the thermoplastic material and provide high melting capacity. 

B-TEK Truck and Trailer Mounted Equipment

B-TEK truck and trailer transported road marking machines are specially designed to transport the equipment necessary to apply road marking for minor highway jobs.

The design is compact to minimise significant interruption to the traffic and get from one job to another quickly.
B-TEK machine trailers are tough, durable twin-axle type designed for safe transport with minimal maintenance requirements.

The road marking machinery and equipment is mounted on a separate platform of heavy duty, welded steel. 

B-TEK Horizontal Anti-Skid Material Boilers

B-TEK Anti-Skid horizontal boilers are robustly constructed to cope with demanding working conditions and are specially designed to overcome the problems generally linked with heating high-friction anti-skid type materials.

Supplied in a range of capacity as single or twin units from 80 gallons to 200 gallons (364 litres to 910 litres) for truck or trailer mounting.

B-TEK Thermoplastic Lining Prams

B-TEK thermoplastic line-marking prams are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Mainly used for small-scale road line marking work such as pedestrian lines, parking lot lines, outdoor public areas, sports fields, industrial and exhibition buildings, and special characters and arrow indications.

B-TEK Portable Dryer (Gas Blaster)

B-TEK Portable Dryer (Gas Blaster)

The B-TEK hand-operated portable dryer commonly referred to as a ‘gas blaster’ is extremely effective for drying wet roads and areas requiring line marking. Other uses include burning off small areas of thermoplastic material, removing black ice from tunnels and bridges, and removing chewing gum from public spaces.

Safe and easy to operate, their mobility and portability makes them an invaluable item of equipment for the road marking contractor.

Stage by Stage: Truck Build for Pre-Heaters

The Truck Arrives

The truck is delivered straight from the supplier

Starting the Framework

Build Starts with Main Chassis Runners

Build in Progress

Floor Bearers in Position

Taking Shape

Welding in Progress

Almost Complete

20 Gallon Twin Set Mounted on to Decking

The completed job

Fully completed it is now ready for the customer to put to work.